Once upon a time.

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"My name is Edouard Rowlandson, founder of Label Green. It is after 15 years of high level sport (volleyball and beach volleyball), traveling around the world, and rich, human, cultural experiences that the desire to create Label green, well-being hemp supplier, was born. The initial idea is to meet the growing needs of our society to simply feel good in  their body and mind, while responding to environmental issues. Let's not hide it, we all suffer from high amounts of stress on a daily basis, and there is no magic cure, it takes a minimum of determination and vitality to achieve mental and physical well-being.

All these years as an athlete have allowed me to build an active, healthy, balanced and environmentally conscious lifestyle, which we like to call the famous "Healthy way of life" of an athlete. Unfortunately, over time, body has been put under heavy pressure, and has had to endure emotional stress, sometimes to the point of breaking down. In fact, I stopped competing for 2 years after a painful failure, but which serves me so well today.

Like many sportsmen and women, "zero pain" does not exist, or very little. I am myself forced to deal with a herniated disc, which has become my most faithful training partner. Thanks to yoga, meditation and a balanced diet, I have managed to make daily life more enjoyable. But I still don't lose the pain attacks during intense weeks of training. All the painkiller medication has worn off, without grand satisfaction."

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"One day I decided to find out about all the alternative methods, alternative medicine, essential oils and all types of food supplements. I tested different diets, to little or no success. I then heard about CBD (Cannabidiol) , a relaxing and anti-inflammatory from industrial well being hemp (Used by NBA Basket-ball players)). The AFLD (French Anti-Doping Agency) and the WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) have confirmed the authorization of its consumption in 2018. But  CBD oil still remains confidential in the sports community in Europe.

After an initial one-month cure, all chronic pains, lower back muscle tension and inflammatory attacks have considerably decreased. It's all about rediscovering the body comfort missing for so long! This discovery is a complete breakthrough and turns out to be the best NATURAL and HEALTHY habits! Thanks to the benefits of Hemp which has not shown it's full potentiel yet. Routines that will work for you, with label green."

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